Wood Treatment

UNE – EN 335–2 regulation defines the types of use of the chipboard wood, that is, the situations in which it is installed according to the fungus and xylophages insect attack risk.

In PROTEC we create wood for use types 3 and 4, that is, external wood, even in direct contact with the ground. In order to guarantee wood durability in these use types, we apply a protective treatment once the piece is mechanized, that is, when the piece is finished, in autoclave, with salts free of Chrome and Arsenic included in the Registry.

The process known as BETHELL, is done in autoclave and in it, firstly, a vacuum is done extracting part of the air and water locked in the wood, a protective product made of water-soluble salts is then introduced with pressure until the penetration is enough. Once the process is over, a final vacuum is done to extract the extra liquid and avoid oozed futures of the protective product, all this controlled by approved applicators, as stated by the current regulations.

The treatment process is rigorously controlled by our staff and aside, it is audited by external organisms, such as AITIM (Asociación de Investigación Técnica de la Madera) and by DR. WOLMAN, who endorses our manufacturing with a 15-YEAR WARRANTY to prevent fungus and xylophages insects’ attacks, additionally committing to replacing the external damaged wood, even that in direct contact with ground, should it is proven that wood has been damaged in normal use conditions.

Warranty Conditions: The supplied pieces must be installed in the type of risk planned, as they have been supplied, without cuts or mechanizations subsequent to the treatment. The guarantee refers to the refund of the pieces that are proven to have been damaged by fungus or xylophages insects in their normal use, but doesn’t include any additional costs such as the necessary labor to replace the pieces. In order to apply this warranty, the purchase receipt need to be presented, serving its issue date the beginning of the warranty and its receiver the only individual able to make a claim. The warranty doesn’t include the pieces submerged in fresh water or salt water. On the other hand, bearing in mind the grainy nature of the wood, it is advisable to install the elements under the ground with a draining surface under the pieces, allowing the water to come out.