PROTEC is a family business founded in 1997 with innovative and entrepreneurial vocation, since our beginnings, we have specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of external treated wood.

Our philosophy has always been to be a factory at our customers’ service, responding to their needs and adapting to different market requirements, always using the knowledge acquired throughout these years working with the material we believe in, wood.

One of our main goals is quality, product quality, service quality, quality in all areas of our business. We always try to take care of the details that make our projects different, and to bring to the table our experience and know-how in each and every single project. In order to do so, we have been implementing different production processes with the cutting-edge technology available at the time, to respond quickly, with flexibility and to guarantee our customers’ needs.


  • Cylindrical wood turning (calibrated to a diameter)
  • ”Brushed
  • Drying in drying place before treatment
  • Design in our technical office, using design software tools with dimensional verification according to the Technical Building Code.
  • Mechanization on numerical control machines with great elaboration versatility, creating parts both from catalog or tailored pieces.
  • Autoclave treatment for risk type IV, by using the BETHELL vacuum process – pressure – vacuum (EN 335.2.92)
  • Palletized and stocked in our large warehouse, ensuring short delivery times and product quality.